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what is about witchcraft spells that really work? How witchcraft spells can helpful for beginners. You can found here real witchcraft spells for love, Mystic Nights with witchcraft spells and Witches

ANGELES - An angel is a supernatural being or spirit, found in various religions and mythologies. In traditional art, angels are often depicted with wings on their back, representing a Christian image of God attendant.


Inspiring image cauldron, magic, pagan, potion, witch by Derek_Ye - Resolution - Find the image to your taste

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Fallen Angel- Patch was once an angel in heaven, but he fell in love with a human, So he came down to earth, loosing his wings!

“La chispa divina que hay en mí reconoce la chispa divina que hay en ti”. Namaste

The Moon Goddess: Lady of the silver moon, watch over me this night, Guide my words and actions, and keep me within your sight. I thank you for your love and for protecting me from strife. I honor you for bringing charm and magick to my life.

Quantum Communication

::ET contact feels like vibrational, energy, electricity! Ability to automatically make calm and relaxed. Showing images of familiar people in your life (to calm you) Anything to calm/make unafraid when contacted.

everything you touch..You turn on

Emryn playing the violin in her dream. She uses music and elements in her dreams to express her pleasure. She can't play the violin in real life, but she loves to write music.

Wallpaper... By Artist Unknown...

An art gumshoe and vegetarian, a traveller of both time and space, who sees unexpected places, smells new air, eats different food.

HEDONE: was the spirit (daimona) of pleasure, enjoyment and delight. As a daughter of Eros (love) and Psyche (soul). She was associated more specifically with sensual pleasure. Her opposite number were the Algea (Pains). The Romans named her Voluptas. ::::: Original ; angel...

When angels visit us, we do not hear the rustle of wings, nor feel the feathery touch of the breast of a dove;

Wise Woman. I literally fell in love with this person's photography. Here's the link to their website! http://www.lunaesque.com/

thedarkangeldesignco: Gabriel Dress - The Dark Angel Design Co Photography - Lunaesque. For the witch family tree.

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Macaria & Thanatos :: Macaria, Goddess of Blessed Death and Goddess Princess of the Underworld and the Dead with Thanatos, God of Gentle Death.

Catching Stars_

'The Star Coins' by Viktor P. Mohn, 1882 from the book 'The Tales of the Brothers Grimm' Taschen: Noel Daniel & Matthew P.