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They say a smile is the prettiest and most fashionable thing a person could wear. We may be partial, but our patients are pretty darn fashionable! #dental2000nj
HOW MUCH DO I LOVE THIS???  Duck Dynasty wisdom....my new guilty pleasure!  How is it that I can't turn the channel when this show is on??
Do you feel you aren't where you would like to be?   The internet is packed with "How to goals guides", and yet I didn't want to make another one. The reason is simple; unless your goal is meaningful, you hardly will achieve it. Read More  via @SmartMoneyToday

Do you feel that you aren't where you would like to be?

.I wish I was able to give my grandchildren a hug now, they are always on my mind but so far away, It was so fun going back for 2 weeks ago a month ago, talk to them daily and video kinect alot, blowing kisses is always fun.
keep calm...

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