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Kryp by Kristian Hammerstad

Kristian Hammerstad has his debut in comics with Kryp. The book consists of three short stories inspired by horror stories from the and but updated in his very own unique style.

Kryp by Kristian Hammerstad

Kristian Hammerstad is a Norwegian illustrator whose works have appeared in publications across the world. He also draws comics.

Positive Psychology Promoter ~ Your Phone vs. Your Heart #GoodArticle Barbara L. Fredrickson

Your Phone vs. Your Heart

Your Phone vs. Your Heart CAN you remember the last time you were in a public space in America and didn’t notice that half the people around you were bent over a digital screen, thumbing a connection to somewhere else?

Kristian Hammerstad

Spot Illustration for the cover of 'The Postmortal' by Drew Magary, Penguin Books US. illo by kristian hammerstad


Sroop Sunar was born and spent her early life in Birmingham. Sroop moved to New Delhi in her teens where her fascination for Indian street culture and printed ephemera all started. From textile to matchbox.

Alec_Doherty_The_Deep_02.jpg (670×838)

Alec_Doherty_The_Deep_02.jpg (670×838)


Reigning from the equally bizarre entity that is Portland, Joseph Harmon is an artist and illustrator with an affinity for seizure-inducing narratives.

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In october I had the chance to made the 2016 Grana Padano calendar.

Kristian Hammerstad - Limited edtition of 30 screen prints, available from Gallery Steinsland Berliner in Stockholm.

Norwegian illustrator Kristian Hammerstad opens up about his dark, comic book art.

marquitos farina

15 Purrsome Cat Breeds That Behave Like Dogs – The CATDOGS

* * CAT ON LEFT: " Whys don'ts dey lay dis bed on de floor 'steada settin' it upright? Weez gonna slides off whens we sleeps.