Probably Hule, or possibly Sind or Ylaruam warrior in a region of mild or cold climate (since metal armor is not work in hot regions like much of Sind or Ylaruam) [Nadirim_MaleWarrior_Artwork_CharacterArt.

Sheik Muhamid

Legnd of Monsters by Tsuyoshi Nagano - Title: Unknown - Card: Unknown

m Wizard magic book scroll robes urban farmland coastal desert jungle underdark hilvl Concept Art

Zealot Illustration by Tomasz Chistowski for Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Ultimate Intrigue by Paizo Publishing

Olgierd von Everec - Witcher Wiki - Wikia

Olgierd von Everec

Olgierd von Everec, son of Kristina and Bohumil von Everec and older brother of Vlodimir, was a.

Heres a Character Concept post for my cakeday. - Album on Imgur

Absolutely massive collection of Character Art

Damat Ali Pasha - The Vizier

Damat Ali Pasha - The Vizier - Characters & Art - Assassin's Creed: Revelations

Character Portraits : Photo

Odai Dunqas - The Guardian - Characters & Art - Assassin's Creed: Revelations

Ossirian-Mujahadin: human/male ranger/rogue-sniper archetype w/ jazail/masterwork-rifle/small metal-shield

Rise of Heroes armor clothes clothing fashion player character npc


m Rogue Assassin desert Argarith.

The Black Hand Assassin by on @DeviantArt

m Rogue Assassin med armor Dagger potions poison ArtStation - The Black Hand Assassin, Aleksey Bayura

Bildergebnis für dimiona von Zorgan

Can’t find the artist, but this is the male human fighter from Dungeons and Dragons Players Handbook Edition. Dave the fighter

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor orient d&d character

Fantasy Art Engine | Skyscapes by Huang Gin

Fantasy Art Engine Skyscapes by Huang Gin

The temple of Courage by on @deviantART

Deep in the heart of the Dark Continent is the Temple of courage. Valiant Knights journey to the temple to prove thier worthiness within its walls. The temple of Courage

The water kept rising, pushing me to the edge of hysteria. I was going to die. Even worse, I was going to drown.

☆ Dungeon Delve for Art Order :¦: Artist Felicia Cano ☆

mererecorder:  The Dark Tower by e-mendoza

fantasy-art-engine: “ The Dark Tower by E-Mendoza ”