Probably Hule, or possibly Sind or Ylaruam warrior in a region of mild or cold climate (since metal armor is not work in hot regions like much of Sind or Ylaruam) [Nadirim_MaleWarrior_Artwork_CharacterArt.

The Black Hand Assassin by on @DeviantArt

m Rogue Assassin med armor Dagger potions poison ArtStation - The Black Hand Assassin, Aleksey Bayura

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Left Arm: Miko Archer + Crows: This pose would be nearly perfect if turned 180 degrees to face out (maybe with right hand out, preparing to nock arrow to bow).


eva-widermann-pokerknight-derekfantasy Oh hell yeah! A Shaintar version of Gambit! (Really Cool Art)

May Every Day - Stuart Lippincott

May Every Day - Stuart Lippincott

Epic fantasy art dump! - Imgur

Epic fantasy art dump!

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