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Topiaria - Arte Milenar de Poda - Parte 2

Dog Topiary, aahhh too cute! In honor of the best, best friend anyone could have there's a cat topiary to the right


Waddesdon Manor, topiary bird This would freak out my neighbors kids daily!

Statement boxwood topiary and evergreen

Addicted to topiaries! But I'd put them in white stone round or square tapered planters


Welcome to Mosaicultures Internationales de Montreal an international mosaiculture competition, an exhibition of horticultural art.

Go green train sculpture

I wonder how long it took to grow these bad boys! Train and train tracks bush sculpture.

In Le Jardin des Plantes a larger-than-life topiary in the shape of a sleeping bird. Poisson

Sleepy Chick

giant sleeping chick topiary in Nantes, France. Quite a contrast from their traditional formal topiary gardens!

I am not one for topiary in the garden since most of it is awful. This, however, is fabulous!

videoltl : I will create this exact animated explainer video for $20 on www

These are the most beautiful animals in the world and putting them in the garden is the awesomest thing to do I love elephants. If you have time and money go for it is all i say Garden Animals is such a good Idea. What one do you like the best from the 4