What I Love / Akatre

idea for the way the paper is hanging - Dégradés - Akatre - Contemporary Art Studio

Colour swatches from 1807

Peachy creams with mustard and muted green - Barnbarroch Colours - paint chips from 1807


Citta Design is trying to narrow down the colors of their next velvet cushion collection. What do you think? Gahhh, it's so hard to choose which colors they like best are all so lovely!

Poster for The Puddle  By Andreas Gysin with Sidi Vanetti. Via Kathy Kavan.

Puddle Builder 03 [Processing] Used for the Posters and flyers for The Puddle (Stall Andreas Gysin with Sidi Vanetti created this Processing for the production of the rasters, eventually screen printed on coloured paper.