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Nasceram os Gêmeos da Rosana Jatobá & Lembrancinha de Maternidade

Nasceram os Gêmeos da Rosana Jatobá & Lembrancinha de Maternidade

This page contains affiliate links for your convenience. All views and pictures are mine. If you purchase an item through one of the links, thank you! You thought you would only be gone from the house for 20 minutes and baby’s just been fed and changed – no need to bring the diaper bag along…Of course, this ends up being the one time you discover a flat tire when you come back out from the store, baby has an unexpected[Read more]

How To Make An Emergency Car Kit For Your Baby

Everything a new mom needs to create a well stocked baby car kit in order to be prepared for any emergency!

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older logo concept for milk inc.     daniel bruka's critique: "We figured this had some shortcomings:  * Too trendy, not timeless enough  * Too complex for use in tight spaces (common in mobile apps like we're working on right now)  * A little weak visually. The logo we chose had more visual strength.  * A bit fashion-orientated from a brand standpoint."

Older Milk Revision

Curves and overlaps

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Curves and overlaps

12 free fonts                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

12 free fonts (Christina Dueholm)

Angelface& bakery& Guld Script& Fox in the snow& shorelines& Laser Metal& Baby fox& Vegur light& Dear annabelle& Biloxi Script& Learning…