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So frickin' true. Every moment, every single second, each and every word, unspoken and aloud.every single one intoxicates me. Multiplying my love for you. I love you unconditionally.

My plans of wobo didn't change, just hadn't gotten to em right away. Wobo now…

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I believe this is my husband....the gentle bear who loves me silently, but is a beast when needed outwardly....

Wedding vow inspiration ✿⊱╮This is absolutely beautiful ~ I Promise To Love You ~ Amanda Katherine Ricketson ✿⊱╮

I could never explain why and I’ve asked over and over but it was always you

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This is what I do, I force myself to stay awake as late as possible like a little girl and then when I finally fall asleep.

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Was thinking earlier of having jes as my life partner and felt so happy and excited

((( <3 ))) i love You and i want to be With You V^V <3 V^V....

((( <3 ))) i love You and i want to be With You V^V <3 V^V....

Those pages are filled with beautiful colors of a rainbow and every shade imaginable in between.

This would be my ex bf.

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Always...I will be your calm and I will always protect you and you can be my own private island when I want to get away( like the song).

Your heart beats of pure strength but most of all I love the core of you, the moments you are vulnerable with me and I with you. In your arms and within our conversations I feel truly at home!