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Love the shape of this candle holder - could be filled with all sorts of pretty things!

Tulips and hellebores. Would prefer the tulips to be yellow to egg yolk orange.

A todos nos gustan las plantas, ¿pero realmente sabemos decorar con ellas?

I adore the colour scheme! Spring - Small vases with tulips and Helleborus niger

Floral Teacup Arrangements for Mother's Day 2016 | Shop Ceramic Teacups at www.koch.com.au

floral teacup arrangements idea for Mother's Day - The BEST Easy DIY Mother's Day Gifts and Treats Ideas - Holiday Craft Activity Projects, Free Printables and Favorite Brunch Desserts Recipes for Moms and Grandmas

Various options for table arrangements for you yourself do!

Uma moldura de qudro conchinhas ou pedrinhas +vidros reciclados e flores que podem ser até mesmo de papel Clásico y romántico, perfecto centro de mesa para una boda de día

Candles by the Hour™  For Dad or Jonny Boy!

Candles by the Hour™

Candles by the Hour™ at Cabela's! Made from pure beeswax, it coils up from the burning plate to the clip. One inch is twenty minutes and it self extinguishes. Very nice---adds an artsy flair & useful during an emergency power outage.

candles & glass

Home & Inspiration: Heather, candles & pearls (would also be neat with lavender or rosemary)