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Whippoorwill Hollow : Yithian - used as cover art for “The Colour Out of Space” Lovecraft novel - Rowena Morrill

Amazing Stories September 1926

Amazing stories front cover showing a weird lizard monster armed with a spear attacking a well dressed man in a bathysphere.

キャプテンウルトラ ショウワノート。"Captain Ultra" the TV series notebook by Shōwa.

One eye viewed the room briefly before vanishing… - Startling Stories, April Illustration by Alex Schomburg for the story by Kendell Foster Crossen entitled, Halos, Inc. - a galactic parody.

A Frank R. Paul's illustration for the 1940 issue of Fantastic Adventures that depicts Life on Io (moon of Jupiter).

Vintage science pulp fiction illustrations from the by Austrian-born American illustrator Frank R. Paul imagine our Solar System’s fellow inhabitants.

Science Fiction Books, Science Fiction

Ray Harryhausen, "War of the Worlds" movie concept drawing,1949.

Damsel Lover, Sketch by Ray Harryhausen for an unrealized production of H. Wells’ War of the Worlds