ugh I'm still sad of Neji's death :c

This would be the best could if neji was still alive

Tiz gold.

So uuuh, shame on me! It happened xD I'm re-reading Naruto after like, years, and awwwww the first volumes were so well done! Anyway I still heart team Gai *_* And I fell into drawing them, again.


I think it is painfully obvious this is my first attempt at drawing Team Gai. I even got Ten Ten. NejiTen: The Flu 1

I haven't drawn Neji in a while,'s a comic of him I've always wanted to draw Neji with messy hair...and ribbons all (c) Kishimoto

I haven& drawn Neji in a while, a comic of him I& always wanted to draw Neji with messy hair.and ribbons all (c) Kishimoto

Hinata and Neji, my heart has been totally and compltely broken---actually brought tears to my eyes. Had to take a moment

Hinata and Neji.Omg giving me some serious Neji feels tonight. Nothing like crying like an idiot over a fictional character. Why did Masashi Kishimoto have to kill him off DX!

Naruto : Past and Present by on @DeviantArt

i grow with Naruto, read it since Junior High. he's the first favorite long hair male character and one of the reason why i still read Naruto until t. Naruto : Past and Present