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Love the minimalist look of this coat tree - would look super cute with a few…

David Vázquez

Rompecabezas is a minimalist design created by Mexico-based designer David Vazquez. The complex composition of the Coat "Puzzle" is made ​​of 26 solid wood pieces placed in four directions. The inclination in the limbs is given by cuts at 45 degrees, and

South Haven Reading Lamp Handmade Arts & Crafts Reading Lamp A4425

South Haven Reading Lamp

I don't know if I would record in this studio, but they have a good designer for their logo. WD

Tone Def Media

This expresses new ways of thinking outside the box and creates this new way of thinking. It is a sign that not many hotels would have and creates an artistic look. Despite this the sign is not very luxurious.

TP Coatstand by Schiavello.

Spotlight // Design News September 2013.