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Teasingly Twisted Animal Hybrids by Sarah DeRemer

Teasingly Twisted Animal Hybrids by Sarah DeRemer

Sarah DeRemer's PETA-approved animal manipulations would have probably been Dr. Sarah is a California-based artist who has been working with


13 animals mashed up with their favorite foods

Amusing Hybrid Creatures That Combine Animals With Their Favorite Foods

Animaux croisés avec leur bouffe préférée | Sarah DeRemer

Top 17 des animaux croisés avec leur bouffe préférée, par Sarah DeRemer

“You Are What You Eat” – Mouse And Cheese These Animals Got Manipulated On Photoshop, And It's Totally Hilarious

animales deremer

I hope scientists don't get any crazy ideas when they see these ridiculously terrifying animal hybrids.

Sarah DeRemer

Sarah DeRemer

12 bizarre and funny animal mashups...: represents the principle of using 'error' in neuroscientific advertising.

12 bizarre and funny animal mashups

What do you imagine when you hear the word Gorilla? Well, that image is very misleading - Mountain Gorillas are generally shy and calm animals. This fact may surprise those whose only encounter with Gorillas