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''Sonhos não tem pernas,mas você tem!Então corra atrás.''                        Magcon boys

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I know Magcon is not a thing anymore but it is easier saying Magcon boys than all of their names.  I am going to start making imagines for all of you lovely people. All you have to do is request. I am going to make a request page for all of you to comment on. And because I love writing about Magcon and hot boys I am going to say that you can request more than once:) I might accept some O2L requests if that is what you really want but I will mainly stick to Magcon.

Magcon Imagines (Closed) - REQUEST PAGE: For all of your lovely request (Closed)

I didn't write this but there's a imagine Naomi wrote for me and Iove it so I wanted to read it whenevet

Including Hayes. I found a reason to motivate myself for working out. Every time I do one sit-up or push-up or something you count by one, I name off a boy. Once I've named off all ten. I start over again and do that so I remind myself they wouldn't want me to give up. And I keep going till I've finished my reps

MagCon is my inspiration and motivation. Every single time I look at their faces, it makes me want to work-out, so that I think that the MagCon boys will visit Australia in I look prepared for them