Tellaro, Italy

Tellaro, Italy - great steps, interesting little window but I think the door could be a little more inquisitive


Residing in the former Versace mansion, The Villa by Barton G is a decadent hotel that oozes opulence


A small balcony means you are limited by space, not by inspiration. See my 10 favourite balcony gardens for gorgeous ideas. Make your neglected balcony, the best spot to be in your apartment.


It's Summer! We are all spending plenty of time outside. Whether it's in your backyard, cabin or beach house outdoor living is important. I like an outdoor area

grocer in Sienna ... love how they always present the cabbages in such an artful way

Just the sort of place we love to stop by daily for fresh produce. When renting a villa, you get to know the shop keepers!

Garden Advice & Tips from Garden Charmers

Garden Advice & Tips from Garden Charmers

Ever since reading The Secret Garden as a girl, I& loved the idea of a walled-in garden. A courtyard garden is both an outdoor spac.


I think in the future, houses will be built around trees to bring in oxygen and life and boho vibes and dryads. It would be a great selling point, seriously.

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Pretty sure this is a disney movie: Arch of flowers at Castello Aragonese in Ischia, Italy

Wine with nee?

Charming Outdoor Living Room Design In Beach House With Rattan Cahir Sets And Cool White Candle Light Places On Stone Floor Decoration: Beautiful Living Room and Patio Design Ideas for Beach House

Singapore's solar gardens

Photos: Singapore’s Supertrees, Solar-Powered Vertical Gardens

romantic Italian hills // photo by Cinzia Bruschini

romantic Italian hills // photo by Cinzia Bruschini (Favorite Pins Olive Gardens)