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Pôster Capitão América 2 – O Soldado Invernal chegou ~ SuperVault

O primeiro pôster de Capitão América 2 – O Soldado Invernal chegou

New Marvel Studios Captain America: The Winter Soldier Poster - A Little Bite of Life

Laquelle vous préférez ?

Amber Heard (as Thor), Alison Brie (as Captain America) And Other Lady Avengers((I do not approve of the Costumes. (Except iron man(iron woman?))Can't female super heroes not look like sluts?


'Capitão América 3: Guerra Civil' ganha trailer e pôster

Marvel’s latest Captain America: Civil War made me a bit cranky. The film is perfectly fine – good-to-great, in fact. So, why do I feel bowed and broken by the hour superhero slugfe…

Releituras de cartazes de filmes famosos, por Marko Manev - O ilustrador freelancer Marko Manev decidiu utilizar seu estilo de arte ao fazer releituras de diversos cartazes, de filmes bem conhecidos como Star Wars, Capitão América, Godzilla, entre outros.

Releituras de cartazes de filmes famosos, por Marko Manev

One of Jason's favorites (this car will be in our garage someday!)

Smokey and the Bandit (1977)

Espectacular trailer de Hércules

Dwayne Johnson is standing tall and carrying a big stick in the latest set photo from Hercules. Johnson is Hercules in Brett Ratner's.

Pin for Later: Whoa! These Marvel Images Are Trippy AF Captain America

Captain America

Do you like super heroes? Especially from Marvel. Mike Mitchell an artist in Austin, TX has created an inspiring series of 50 Marvel character portraits.

Efeito 3D que não usa nada além de linhas brancas

Efeito alucinante: 17 GIFs 3D que não usam nada além de linhas brancas


Chris Evans, Elizabeth Olsen, Jeremy Renner, Anthony Mackie, and Sebastian Stan in Captain America: Civil War

The Avengers Assemble! by andyparkart on deviantART

Nick Fury, Maria Hill and Agent Phillip "Phil" Coulson (Avengers concept art)

Marvel Avengers. Need I say more. And women, you know Thor get's you excited.

The mother of all Marvel superhero films - "The Avengers Assemble". It made the record 700 million dollars in its first week out.it was kinda obvious.

“Capitão América 2: O Soldado Invernal” ganha novos cartazes http://cinemabh.com/imagens/capitao-america-2-o-soldado-invernal-ganha-novos-cartazes

"Capitão América 2: O Soldado Invernal" ganha novos cartazes

New Captain America: The Winter Soldier character posters, featuring Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson and Samuel L. Jackson have been released by Marvel.


Captain America Civil War: Robert Downey Jr (Tony Stark/Iron Man), Scarlet Johansson (Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow), Chadwick Boseman (T'Challa/Black Panther), Don Cheadle (James Rhodes/War Machine, Paul Bettany (Vision)

Artista revela arte conceitual não usada em "Capitão América: Guerra Civil" - O Vício

Civil War promo art by Alexander Lozano-CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR! …this was an unused piece that i was inspired to create at the end of working on the project. i wanted to show them fighting with their gloves off.