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sixth century mosaic of the Raising of Lazarus, church of Sant'Apollinare Nuovo, Ravenna, Italy.

This mosaic is Christ pictured as a hero. It is located in Cappella Arcirescovile, Ravenna, Italy. Christ is standing in the hills in a Romanesque way with long hair. His right foot is on top of a tame lion and his left foot on top of a serpent. Red, green and gold is used very nicely with contour and balance. Christ is firm and wearing the garb of an emperor. It is like Justinian's Paludamentum. The art is considered a masterpiece and accomplished by an anonymous artist in the Byzantium…

History of Art: Byzantine Art Mosaic, Circa Cappella Arcirescovile, Ravenna, Italy

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Byzantium. Clothing: ornate tunic, bejeweled hair, gold and pearls.

Theodora, a Byzantine Mosaic of a powerful woman.

Empress Theodora was one of the most influential and powerful women in the Early Middle Ages. She was the wife of Emperor Justinian I and joint ruler of the Byzantine Empire.Many decisions concerning the government were made by Theodora.

Virgin Mary holding Child Christ, detail from Comnenus mosaic, Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, 12th century

Virgin Mary holding Child Christ, detail from Comnenus mosaic, Hagia Sophia, Byzantine, century This inspired me to include a very important icon in Tobias's story. The effects of this icon are far reaching.

"The Empress Theodora and Retinue"   The Basilica of St. Vitale   dedicated by Bishop Maximian in 547.  Ravenna, Italy: The Basilica of St. Vitale, south side of apse

Theodora (wife of Justinian I) - century mosaic from Basilica of San Vitale. We forget that the Roman empire didn't vanish in the century when Britain was abandoned. This mosaic in Ravenna is one of the masterpieces of roman art.