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#INFOgraphic > Control Bad Habits: Habits are difficult to avoid forming. Routine is just human nature at work! Sometimes we develop bad habits that can become detrimental to our health and are tough to kick. This graphic gets down to the inward mechanism of habit to addiction formation and suggests practices that help us curb... >

Control Bad Habits - iNFOGRAPHiCs MANiA

Psychology infographic and charts The Science of Habit: Popular Habits vs. Popular Addictions Infographic Description The Science of Habit:

Hierbas medicinales para tratar la bronquitis #Salud

Eucalyptus essential oil - DIY scented tissues ⋆ NZ's easiest online supplier of Essential Oils

5 Simple Ways to Heal Your Metabolism -

5 Simple Ways to Heal Your Metabolism

5 Simple Ways to Heal Your Metabolism. A strong metabolism is one of the most important factors in maintaining good health and fighting the symptoms of aging. Learn how to rev up your metabolism in 5 simple steps.

"Let us will ourselves to live our life, not by empty words, but the radiance of meaning them and believing them. Our smile lights up our body with health." ~Tao Porchon-Lynch, 94, World's Oldest Yoga Teacher

Tao Porchon-Lynch: 93 years young Tao has been practicing for over 70 years and teaching for but says that she's still a yoga beginner and always learning!

Know thy self

A Quick Guide to Deal With a Breakup Almost Instantly

Zen Top Ten Yoga Therapy Trainings and Workshops from across the globe.

Top Muscle Building Exercises for Women. #fitness #gym #muscle                                                                                                                                                                                 More

7 Weight Loss Mistakes Even Healthy Women Make

Use this one simple trick to build muscle quick The best exercises for building muscle as a beginner or more advanced lifter, organized by muscle group.

自由と鎖とアーサナと。ヨガの練習で感じること。 |ヨガ講師 井上敦子 Shall we do YOGA

自由と鎖とアーサナと。ヨガの練習で感じること。 |ヨガ講師 井上敦子 Shall we do YOGA

sunsets & coconuts are always a good idea... just add vodka #kadjuhouse @theasia.collective

sunsets & coconuts are always a good idea // ocean // tropical // vacay // vacation

Weirdly, I didn’t actually miss my friends and family that much when I was away, but after five months travelling alone through South America, I was ready to go home.  Unfortunately, for the purposes of short trips, you quickly learn you're going to have to be the dickhead with an itinerary.

How To Do Backpacking With a Full Time Job

Adventure Backpacking Full Time Job Experience Advice and suggestions on how to do a short backpacking trip in Asia, South America, or the Caribbean when youve only have limited annual leave. http:backpacking-full-time-job-experience

25 Science-Backed Ways to Change Your Life by Taking Better Care of Yourself -Posted by Alexandra Duron on December 26, 2013

25 Science-Backed Reasons to #Treatyoself