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Just in case I need to explain (yet again) that just because I'm a vegetarian doesn't mean I have no sources of protein in my diet. - Thanks Josie!

There are so many misconceptions about how much protein people need. (Bodybuilders and elite athletes will have different numbers than these.) A Green Monster’s Guide to Healthy and Clean Protein Sources [INFOGRAPHIC]

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When we eat our breakfast, make our lunch, and prepare for dinner, hopefully we are thinking about what we're going to get out of our food besides only the most satisfying meal we can prepare in a .

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A 7-Day, 1200-Calorie Meal Plan

10 reasons to go vegan ~ I started with vegetarian years ago, and found it to be a great diet. Then went vegan in 2010 and wow, amazing. it's a journey of understanding how it affects everything in the world including my health

<3 8 great vegan sources of protein <3

10 Meat-Free Protein Sources That Are Totally Underrated

8 Great Sources of Plant-Based Protein for those of you trying to get off eating meat as protein! Lots of recipes out there using these healthy foods.watch not to eat too many grains.

The benefits of green salad leaves ○ mix and match for optimum nutrition.

The Benefits of Going Green

The Benefits Of Going Green Learn About The Health Benefits Of Various Greens Saladswap Freshexpress

Different types of protein. Good to know

Which is the best Protein Powder for you

Which is the best Protein Powder for you? HA I've been eating organic hemp protein powder for a while! seriously go buy Manitoba Harvest Hemp protein powder.