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ask_jeff_the_killer_2___jeff_meets_harley_quinn_by_antiinvaderdixie-d5zjwbu.jpg (786×1016)@RealHarleyQuinn

ask_jeff_the_killer_2___jeff_meets_harley_quinn_by_antiinvaderdixie-d5zjwbu.jpg (786×1016)@RealHarleyQuinn

creepy...repining so i can research, anyone have any idea if this is fictional? EDIT: CREEPY PASTA CREEPING ME OUT! GREAT WRITING.

The most terrifying story about God…

Funny pictures about The most terrifying story about God. Oh, and cool pics about The most terrifying story about God. Also, The most terrifying story about God.

Jeff the Killer, The Slender Man, Faceless

It's kinda cute, not that I ship Jeff and Slendy but I like them as like Slendy is kinda a really weird parents figure

Once I rose above the noise and confusion just to get a glimpse beyond this illusion I was soaring ever higher but I flew too high through my eyes I could see I still was a blind man through my mind could think I still was a mad man I hear the voices when I'm dreaming I can here them say...

Love this pic going from the top BEN Drowned,.,Laughing Jack,and Glitch Red

#wattpad #de-todo Si...otro libro ^-^

Imágenes Creepypastas 2 - Cuidando nekos(?

Awwwwhhhhh chibi creepypastas and Slenderman<< poor slendy he must need a red bull