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the only way to have a friend is to be one

The Science of BFFs: Cristen and Caroline put besties and bromances under the microscope to discover the pros and cons of how these influential relationships shape our lives.

This is SOO true!! Thanks to all of those girls out there who have been by my side when I need them and to you same girls who never leave my side even if I have told them the same story about my life OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!@Aislen Setty,@Emma McDaniel,@Alexa Adams, @Chloee Thomas

Quotes about life - Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget.

every brunette needs a blonde best friend ♡ @tifanykruer @sueemery1@ashleyannp1982

25 Friendship Quotes for Summer

Just a brunette and a blonde with an unbreakable bond. Isn't that true. Every brunette needs a blonde friend!

Be Fearless.

Would love a picture like this with each one of my bridesmaids with the fountain, or sun in the background (Best Friend Goals)

bestfriends quotes

Best Friend Quotes For Winter Realizing your girls have your back always makes you feel Invincible! All of my friends will listen to my pointless drama over and over :)

@Sara Spalding we need these xx

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum Tees - Best Friend Matching Shirts.me and my best friend would rock this outfit!

longboarding forever

skateboarding down an open road with your best friend - we love adventure and fun!

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I love this because if you look at the two girls the shape of their heads and their braid looks like a heart and I love all my friends like sisters.