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The Chinese military has a new secret weapon: Lightning-fast trains

For the third time this month, the Chinese have witnessed a massive chemical explosion in one of their cities.

: China under attack? Yet another massive explosion at a Chinese chemical factory: It's the fourth in just over a month!

Disso Voce Sabia?: O câncer segundo a Medicina Tradicional Chinesa

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Russia Is Doing It – Russia Is Actually Abandoning The Dollar June 11, 2014 by Michael Snyder Russians are making a move Against the petrodollar!

President Vladimir Putin has once again moved to dismiss concerns about LGBT athletes attending the Winter Olympics in light of Russia’s anti-gay laws.

Supposedly two ufo's hovered overhead as Armstrong prepared to step down the ladder of the LEM at the Sea of Tranquility. Aldrin is reported to have taken several pictures of them. Modern People magazine published what they claim to be some of these photographs in their June 1975 issue. They claim to have gotten the pictures from a Japanese source.

NIEL ARMSTRONG and team photos of alien ufo and bases on Moon - Astronauts' Disclosure of Who Built Alien Moon Structures has Govs Trembling.

Disso Voce Sabia?: Céu Vermelho na parte da Manhã: Cidade chinesa teme Armagedom, seria (Aproximação de Nibiru?)

Red Sky in the Morning: Chinese City fears Armageddon, would (approach of Nibiru?

Disso Voce Sabia?: China: um exemplo de Amor incondicional pela Vida…

Lou Xiaoying, now 88 and suffering from kidney failure , found and raised more than 30 abandoned Chinese babies from the streets of Jinhua where she managed to make a living by recycling rubbish.

Military vehicles carry DF-15B short-range ballistic missiles past the Tiananmen Gate in Beijing. (Jason Lee/Reuters)

Military vehicles carry short-range ballistic missiles past the Tiananmen Gate in Beijing.

NEWS: Bubonic plague outbreak in China. Man died, city in quarantine!

Chinese town in quarantine after man dies of plague

An entire Chinese town of people has been quarantined off from the rest of the country after a man living in a nearby village died from bubonic plague.