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Grand Duchess Vladimir's diamond circles, now owned by the British royal family. Surely one of the most iconic and beautiful tiaras.

A double image of the Vlad tiara with both pearls and emeralds, and the new Queen Elizabeth started to wear her grandmother's tiara when she went to see the Royal Film Performance of 'Beau Brummel' in My thanks to 'The Court Jeweller' for the info.

Diamond tiara/necklace, circa 1900 | lot | Sotheby's

DIAMOND TIARA/NECKLACE, CIRCA 1900 diamonds, length approximately accompanied by two tiara frames of different heights, two small diamonds deficient, fitted case stamped Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Company.

Старинные тиары

Queen Victoria's Sapphire Tiara (designed by Prince Albert). Now owned by current Countess Harewood after Princess Mary inherited it, along with a the Victoria Sapphire & Diamond Cluster Necklace.

Essex Tiara, owned by Countess of Essex in 1902; loaned to Princess Margarita for her wedding in 1996.

Close up of the Essex tiara, made for the Countess of Essex in The Essex tiara is now owned by Cartier. It was loaned to (Crown) Princess Margarita of Romania for her wedding in

Another of Camilla's family tiaraS. It was originally a gift from Edward VII to his most famous favourite, Alice Keppel – Camilla’s great-grandmother. Alice received many gifts of jewellery from the King, most of which were inherited by her younger daughter Sonia (later, Baroness Ashcombe).

Camilla's Keppel Ruby and Diamond Tiara/Necklace ~ It was originally a gift from Edward VII to his most famous favourite, Alice Keppel – Camilla’s great-grandmother

Crowns and Tiaras/karen cox. The emerald tiara (fourth from the top) did not belong to the Empress Eugenie. It was made for a German princess from stones that possibly belonged to the empress.

Diamond and sapphire tiara from the russian crown jewels. Stones colorized by me *0*

Royal Tiara Challenge Favorite “Lost” Tiara Sapphire Romanov Tiara This tiara, well a photo of a tiara, is one of the four previously undocumented Russian crown jewels found by the US.

Artemisia's Royal Jewels: Elizabeth II's Jewels

The Boucheron Honeycomb Tiara used to be one of the Queen Mother’s signature jewels and has become an equally signature piece of the Duchess of Cornwall