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[ Moda de Subculturas ]: O Século XVIII e XIX : Diretório, Império e Regência

Jean-Laurent Mosnier (French, - Empress Elizaveta Wife of Alexander I of Russia, 1807

Élisabeth d’Autriche (Sissi)

Franz Xaver Winterhalter, Elisabeth of Austria, oil on canvas, Dress by Charles-Frederick Worth

File:Natalia Alexeievna of Russia.jpg

Grand Duchess Natalia Alexeievna nee Wilhelmina Louisa of Hesse-Darmstadt by Alexandr Roslin 1776

1802 Elisabeth Alexeievna by Jean-Laurent Mosnier lunarmaiden10 on Webshots

Elisabeth Alexeievna by Jean-Laurent Mosnier, 1802 Russia. This is such a neo classical gown, one I have not seen before, beautiful!

Empress Josephine

[Large cameo pearl tiara - not the Swedish one - and small pearl tiara - not Queen Marie José's] 1807 Ivory Miniature of the Empress Joséphine by Ferdinand-Paul-Louis Quaglia