Feminilidade: Saia Evasê | Devaneios De Uma Camaleoa

Feminilidade: saia evasê

Perfect street style navy blue skirt with blue stripes top shirt and red leather hand bag and pumps. Blue top and skirt.

Camisola fantasia MADEMOISELLE R

A Nice look: a collared shirt under a thin knit sweater, both tucked into an A-line skirt at the waist. Mademoiselle R Utställd kjol i Svart, Cerise - La Redoute

Belted Round Neck Black Short Sleeve Blouse.

Belted Round Neck Black Short Sleeve Blouse

And with this you'll have everybody looking at you while walking in the streets

Maritsa in an electric blue Emperio Armani trench accessorized w/ a gold belt, red shoes Emperio Armani bag