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akatsuki_(naruto) artist_request destruction from_behind gloves headband male mask naruto ninja red_background sandals sash solo tobi uchiha_symbol weapon

Si van a guardar el pin, SIGANME

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Itachi. Susanoo #gif

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Obito<<< Watching the war between Obito and Naruto's team and I swear I've cried at least five times throughout the whole thing. Feels, feels, and feels again with a touch of nostalgia over the entire Naruto series.


"Within this accursed shinobi world, having peace created from mutual understanding is just a delusion." Nagato (as Pain) vs Naruto;

Madara Uchiha

Madara Uchiha The God Of Shinobi. The Man who took on the entire shinobi alliance and showed them the meaning of fear.