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therealjacksepticeye: “ the-hoody-geek: “ Stan Lee’s cameo in Deadpool looks hype as fuck ” YESS! All I want is Deadpool to recognise Stan Lee for who he is and destroy that wall!

Poor Superman

Funny pictures about Wonder Woman vs. Oh, and cool pics about Wonder Woman vs. Also, Wonder Woman vs.

2017-10-29.png (540×607)

2017-10-29.png (540×607)

That lokis hair is fantastic though.<<< That is true bit right now I'm heart is breaking so I can enjoy old Lokis hair later

My heart. "That Loki died a long time ago." Unfortunately true. That Loki died in the weapons vault when he discovered he was a Frost Giant.<<<NOT OKAY <<< NO. That's not true. I believe that somewhere, deep inside, that Loki is still there.

The most logical conclusion… <-- Of course it is!!! *giggles* I wonder if he realises he's a Disney prince?

The most logical conclusion…

Hadn't thought about this. Thor and Loki: Disney Princes for reals, yo.but i still hate the fact that Disney owns Marvel. i love disney, love marvel, i just cant picture them together.or lucas films and i better stop x/

I feel like that just completely describes Howard and Tony Stark.

Howard Stark, the first Mythbuster I Captain America :The First Avenger

Why the fuck you hurt me like this? W H Y ? ? ?

The Winter Soldier's outfit screams 'I am a wild animal that needs to be restrained.