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Manic Panic Bleach Kit:

(White hair girls/Bean Mclean) *laughs and skips around* HELLO! I'm TIC TOCK! Daughter of the MAD hatter! I don't actually know my original fathher buuuuuut yeah!

Já quis pintar meu cabelo assim. Mas com minha pele queimada do sol com certeza ficaria extranho

Uneven line earrings - Basics are the foundation of the minimalist wardrobe, they just always work. This is how the Uneven line earrings are best described, simple to style and effortlessly blending into your wardrobe and e

(Big time skip) Mandy) panicking "I-Isaac I need you right now... It's an emergency"

(Big time skip) Mandy) panicking "I-Isaac I need you right now. It's an emergency"


What if you want to create a hairstyle that work easily for you? There are a number of loose bun hairstyles for long hair that work for women of every age.

Open with Nicolette. It's mainly to just add drama and such XD|| I sit in the kitchen, reading a book and sipping m coffee. My big shirt, the only thing I kept from my old life, dangles past my mid thigh, hiding my small pajama shorts. I hear shuffling from in frnt of me and look up. When I see who it is ||you||, I smile kindly. "Hello, can I help you with something?"

Blondinenwitze sind NICHT witzig: 10 Probleme, die nur blonde Frauen kennen