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This two is hot i must admit. Though i still recommend the red king and blue king pairing *K

Suoh Mikoto - k project #anime #manga

K Project ~~~ The sorrow of saying good-bye ::: Mikoto Suoh. I was so upset at this part.

K project, shiro x kuroh, look at this picture and try and tell me theyre not canon i mean hes feeding him and just ugh ♡

K Project (Kuroh Yatogami, Yashiro Isana, Neko (K Project))

Yatogami Kuroh | K Project #anime

Kuroh Yatogami, the Black Dog vessel of the Colorless King. K anime

K (K Project) Omg look at Fushimi and his weird little monocle

K Project - Mikoto Suoh, Munakata Reisi, Yata Misaki and Fushimi Saruhiko