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Vintage Globe Decor: Trend or Timeless?

Organising is the best way to display your visuals. Be creative in your display. Great ideas and inspiration for organising your displays in your personal spaces! Images from look! pimp your room Images from look! pimp your room Related

Eye For Design: Decorating With Maps, Globes, And Other Navigational Elements

Maybe you’re having a destination wedding, or you’re planning a wedding with a travel theme…well here’s 30 awesome ideas we’ve collected to help it all come together. With some DIY touches, a few globes and a map or .

Antique School House Map makes stunning wall art in a child's bedroom or an entry way or anywhere else! Decorating with Antique maps

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practicesngenres: “ Jere Smith: “Wunderkammer” While doing some research, I discovered that a Cabinet of Curiosities is also termed as Wunderkammer (Cabinet of Wonders). People utilize these cabinets.

What a great idea for outdated globes. Pain them and put Bible verses or favorite quotes on them.

Anthropologie - Handpainted Wanderlust Globe What a lovely gift idea! That quote is amazing! "Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground"

Un suelo para caminar por el mundo, literalmente

Area Pavimenti has created a series of world map carpets. They are basically simple carpets that we all use in our homes but they have maps printed on them. It’s a very ingenious idea that transforms a simple carpet into an original piece for the home.

Vintage relics, such as these maps and globes, bring interest and chic style to a home’s decor.

Vintage relics, such as these maps and globes, bring interest and chic style to a homes decor.

Funny thing is, this is posted as Halloween decor, but I would love it as a permanent display.

we could collect as many wedding photos as we can? wall of photos mounted to black board ciao! newport beach: halloween display at Roger's Gardens