Joe Odagiri - My Way

“An Ordinary Man” Odagiri Joe on 1st Look Vol. 12 January ’12

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Jack Falahee as Connor Walsh . by Brantley Gutierrez for Vanity Fair’s ‘Coachella 2015 Portrait Session’

Meu Deus "du" céu!

David Giuntoli - Nick Burkhardt Does he not have the most beautiful eyes or…

Ewan McGregor just can't get any cooler.

The Lion King - The night begins with glitz, charm and lion magic, but ends in pure terror. Now cocky lion tamer Ewan McGregor must keep completely still until paramedics can remove the lion.

Nova adaptação ao cinema de Ivanhoe será estrelada por Sam Riley - Notícias -

Sam Riley Joins Michelle Williams for Film Adaptation of Bestseller Suite Française ----- it was such a good book


Why Do People Hate Redheads?

Why do some people just hate redheads? If you have ever experienced inexplicable redhead hate, this page may be just for you!

Ewan Mcgregor in Down with Love. He so could've been on Mad Men as Lane's son or made a good James Bond.

Ewan McGregor, Down with Love. - My favorite Ewan McGregor movie. Another song and dance man I can't resist.