Things people often forgetabout this sign: They are very intelligent and strategic. Taurus | Taurus Quotes | Taurus Zodiac Signs

I always have plan ABC&D, taurus can be reckless when we're young, but as I get older anything & everything I do definitely has a purpose and I'm always working and planning towards my future, not just today, but from now.

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my friend said this us me...I actually say goodbye before I cut you off for good...well the ppl I know well

Zodiac City taurus will leave you if you have no purpose in their life. They will simply stop communicating with you and ignore you especially if you pissed them off.

The zodiac signs & their anger/tempers: So incredibly accurate for all the signs...not just mine.

The zodiac signs & their anger/tempers: So incredibly accurate for. all the signs.not just mine. Very accurate for my sighn pisces. With aries traits.

This is perfect.. Describes me and my emotions perfectly. I listen to music that fits how I feel. I might say one thing physically, but emotionally my soul is in what music I'm listening to.

Hit the nail on the head. I'm all about mixes. CDs or playlists ♉️, and I for sure cancer listen to just about any music there is, except Bluegrass 😝

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The first half doesn't describe me, I'm open to change, but the rest is dead accurate.

That's me

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Tauro.. interesting !

I don't necessarily believe in all that astrology stuff but.this is pretty true!