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6 intervenções incríveis feitas debaixo do mar

Mysterious Underwater ‘Crop Circles’ Discovered Off the Coast of Japan

These are formed by a fish who creates it to attract a mate, it was filmed by the underwater natural film crew for a recent David Attenborough series, it was truly amazing to watch and very beautiful to see.

10 Cosas que de este mundo que no tienen explicación terrestre

10 Cosas de este mundo que no tienen explicación terrestre

ciudades bajo el mar japon - Buscar con Google

ciudades bajo el mar japon - Buscar con Google

Very unique

Volcanic eruption in Pacific ocean on the of November creates a whole new island at the coast of Japan


Bayas, la ciudad romana hoy sumergida que fue Las Vegas de la Antigüedad

Baiae (Naples), statue from the nympheum of Roman Emperor Claudius, which came under the sea level due of bradyseism between the and century CE



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