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Agua, tierra, fuego y aire La escencia de tu #Rincónfavorito                                                                                                                                                      More

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elements Water, Earth, Fire, Air - the elements that create, feed and destroy us.

Air inspires us, Fire propels us, Water nourishes us, Earth grounds us. #elements

The 4 elements - Air inspires us, Fire propels us, Water nourishes us and Earth grounds us.

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Water Earth Air Fire // Avatar Symbols // Prints // Four Watercolor Paintings Korra Avatar the Last Airbender

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4 elements the school crest will look something like this just with a black cat in the middle and no circles around the elements

fire water earth and air... When I saw this the first thing that jumped to mind: DIVERGENT!!!

Water * Fire * Earth * Air * ✯ From Ten Artistic Views of the Four Elements ✯

Earth, Wind, Fire, Water

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