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gintama funny | badass gintoki – gintama anime

Or when a giant dog has bitten them on the head and/or swallowed their entire head

gintama funny | Gintama (De)Motivational Poster(The Gun!!!!) by TheBlueEyedVampire

gintama funny Gintama (De)Motivational Poster(The Gun!) by TheBlueEyedVampire

Hijikata Toushirou | Gintama | ♤ #anime ♤

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"¡Esto es amor!"... Mi c*lo...

Loved the Manga series with sachi (the jail guy) when he falls in love with the sensei.

Gintama ~~~ Learn from the Yorozuya! Shinpachi with the Deathnote would be bad. Very, very bad....

Anime/manga: Gintama Characters: Kagura (Sakura from Naruto (Shippuden), Gintoki (Ichigo from Bleach), and Shinpachi (Light from Death Note), Gintama. copying other Animes/Mangas since always

Kagura and Gin-chan

Kagura tries to be like Gintoki >> this episode was hilarious. poor Gintoki with the flu

Lol Kagura, that's not how a girl supposed to talk. on second thought, you're not even close to being "ordinary" :)