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sketch de rosto. por: @pedrongomes • #instainspiredtattoos #inspiredsketchtattoos

sketch de rosto. por: @pedrongomes • #instainspiredtattoos #inspiredsketchtattoos

embroidery of dany

Daenerys Targaryen by Fay Helfer. Dark flowing lines produced with fire. She uses a heated tip to burn her lines into wood, just like those hobby kits that your parents would never buy you when you were a kid because they were covered with design

pen art

I LOVE THIS IDEA! I've used tht exact micron pen for a dot drawing before, so I'm trying this , it mighte take a while to draw it but it's pretty

Elsa. frozen

kioewen: Serene Elsa A lovely official Disney concept-art sketch by Jin Kim…

Pretty in Pastels- Watercolor Ink Fashion Illustration Print Poster. Esther Bayer on Etsy

Amazing Tribute to Robin Williams <3

The 25 most touching and creative Robin Williams tributes I've seen so far

A wonderful, beautiful tribute to Robin Williams. An amazing and beloved actor. He was one of my favorite actors ever and he will truly be missed. Rest In Paradise, Robin Williams.

Das das trotz der vielen Strichen noch so realistisch aussieht

Not big on celebrity art, but I love this concept. Faces by Vince Low - what a cool way to draw with pen. ive done a similar idea, but never for a face.

0696a82537a4dc3dad862cf055c2b093.jpg (595×842)

0696a82537a4dc3dad862cf055c2b093.jpg (595×842)

Marilyn Monroe Art. Looks a little like Tinker Bell.

Online art academy, for pallet-knife style of world renowned artist Leonid AFREMOV


Moleskine art - Urban Effing Cancer by sol-Escape . Sketch / Drawing Inspiration instead of a cigarette, it be a key