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Here are some best examples of failed jobs. These pictures are collected to make you people laugh. Hope you enjoy these funny photos.

Out of all the signs in the store, for this one to be the one that is hanging loose....

The 28 Most Ironic Things That Have Ever Happened

Funny pictures about Ironic Walmart Sign. Oh, and cool pics about Ironic Walmart Sign. Also, Ironic Walmart Sign photos.

I'm so weak right now


Funny pictures about It's Like The Modern Version Of Saying Grace. Oh, and cool pics about It's Like The Modern Version Of Saying Grace. Also, It's Like The Modern Version Of Saying Grace photos.

Ironically his favourite classical composer is Handel coincidentally ( Contemporary music  isn't his cup of tea !! ) ☕️

Funny pictures about Handling one job. Oh, and cool pics about Handling one job. Also, Handling one job.

terus kalo ditutup pintunya brarti ada lubang di pintu yang bisa menyalurkan aroma dong?

10 Hilariously Clever Engineering Solutions - creative engineering

Welcome To The Fail Hotel

Epic Fail Plumbing Awards: Which goes first, lifting the toilet seat or getting the toilet paper?

Troll, So True, Other


Metro brings you the classic plumbing fails from across the world for your pleasure.

Some fun stuff for you :)

Everybody gets a meme

Hilarious road signs, sad that they had to be made for stupid people

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Job Fails: Lock the Door!: Now this is a great way to prevent anyone from opening the door from the outside!