Em Janela Indiscreta, Grace Kelly, usou uma peça em preto e branco, com a blusa de decote V e a saia ampla branca. Elegância discreta mesmo nas telas Foto: Getty Images

Relembre o estilo de Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly in sheer Edith Head dress, Rear Window, 1954 YES. The "Rear Window" dress

Grace Kelly and her bridesmaids before her wedding to Prince Rainier III in Monaco. 1956.

Grace Kelly's Wedding to Prince Rainier III-how nice would it be to replicate a photo like this on your wedding day.

Famosos adotam bicicleta como meio de transporte

Famosos adotam bicicleta como meio de transporte

Grace Kelly in an Edith Head gown

White and Gold Wedding. Grace Kelly in Edith Head golden gown - 'To Catch a Thief', gold lame color photo print ad movie star model designer couture full skirt off shoulder evening cocktail dress

Audrey wearing Edith

The golden age of Hollywood: Audrey Hepburn in the famous Givenchy gown from SABRINA. Edith Head is credited as the costume designer for this film, but Givenchy designed most of the clothes, including this gown.

Grace Kelly on the set of To Catch a Thief, dressed by Edith Head for the fireworks scene.

Grace Kelly: the best looks of a style icon - Grace Kelly is an absolute and timeless style icon: from the wedding dress to the iconic looks of her movies, here is a complete photo gallery of her best fashion moments - on To Catch a Thief Set,