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Nova forma e correta de lavar os cabelos.a creditem é o melhor e agente nem sabia..vejam só meninas..

Especialista diz que o certo é usar condicionador antes do xampu na hora de lavar o cabelo

Easy Homemade Natural Shampoo cup coconut milk cup Castile soap drops essential oil of your choice 2 teaspoons almond oil or olive oil Mix together all the ingredients in the bottle and shake thoroughly.

She Puts VapoRub On A Cotton Ball And Sticks It In Her Ear… Moments Later? INCREDIBLE

When I was a child, a cough meant you could smell me a mile away because I was all about that Vicks VapoRub. I was never a fan of strong menthol scent, but it help me fight off cough and cold symp…

Like skin, hair just looks better when it glows. Hair shines best when the tiny scales on the cuticle lie flat (as is the norm with straight hair), bouncing back light rays. But, it turns out, locks of any texture can get gleaming. Here's how to add luster to the hair you've got | Health.com

The Golden Rules of Glossy Hair

You're Probably Not Shampooing Correctly. Great tips on what to do if you're fed up with your oily scalp and brittle ends!

Pulled fishtail Braid with bowFish tail braids are another type of braids which will trnsform your hair. dye your hair with golden blonde high lights.

What a pain, you mean to say you don't just put it on?

15 Red Lipstick Hacks, Tips and Tricks For The Perfect Pout

Glitter Lips Makeup Tutorial - 3 different styles! This glitter lips makeup tutorial guides you through 3 different styles and pros and cons for each. Glitter your eyebrows. How To: Make Your Lips Look Fuller - Makeup Geek.


Guava leaves are worthy of so much attention since they offer an abundance of health benefits. They are high in vitamins A and C, potassium, healthy fiber and lycopene. In this article we give you 17 amazing health benefits provided … Read

Perfect Hair Tape Hair Extensions Tutorial @ashmcb92 this is a good tutorial for when we put mine back in sometime.

Perfect Hair Tape Extensions are designed to add volume, length and thickness in approx an hour! Perfect Hair Tape Extensions uses the best medically tested .

4 tablespoons cornstarch 1 cup water 4 tablespoons rubbing alcohol  I've been using this (every other day) for 3+ months now & have never had any problems with it.  I only spray it on my roots & I don't get crazy with the amount I use. I lift my roots with a brush or my fingers, spray it in, & let it dry before I brush it through the rest of my hair. It gives me volume which is nice too.

DIY Dry Shampoo Recipe (never heard of this before but maybe worth a try for emergencies) - 4 tb cornstarch, 1 c water, 4 tb rubbing alcohol