Alex O’Loughlin acting silly in DDK’s video!

Meanwhile, we stopped in a nice little shop and he decided to brave it and try some squid.Alex reacting to his first time trying squid.

Alex O'Loughin

The category for today's 2017 countdown poll is Alex O'Loughlin Funny Moment Photos. There are many to choose from since Alex is such a fun guy and likes to

Alex O'Loughlin... oh my... yes please!!  He was so much cuter when he was in that vampire show - "Moonlight".  His hair was a little long but he looked great!

Alex O'Loughlin, the most gorgeous man on TV today! I've been watching him since Moonlight. he is just HOT ;) I think I watch Hawaii Five-O just for him and Scott Caan

Steve McGarrett - Hawaii Five-0!! #H50

The Steve McGarrett Story – No #33

The chance to meet #AlexOLoughlin while visiting the #H50 set. | Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

The chance to meet #AlexOLoughlin while visiting the #H50 set.