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Yodeling in Hi-Fi? Can you think of a more distasteful sound?

[65 images] UFUNK – La Sélection du Week End n°102 (image)

Especially when they're wrapped in the worst album covers! Ya won't these in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, but these funny greatest albums of ever

I know it's another language, but it's particularly offensive.

Rock out to the creepy world of the worst in bad album covers. These old works of album cover art takes vintage vinyl to a new level of funny.

He does Get Loud ~~ 24 More of The Worst Album Covers Ever

Crank Up 24 of the Worst Album Covers

Top 100 des pires pochettes d’album de l’histoire de la musique, celles qui mettent mal à l’aise

Top 100 des pires pochettes d’album de l’histoire de la musique, celles qui mettent mal à l’aise


The title track off the album "High Class in Borrowed Shoes" from 1977 by Max Webster.

Si los dos componentes más altos ya son un exponente del cutrerío más hortera, el personaje del centro es una incógnita. ¿Es un montaje fotográfico? Si no es así, ¿de dónde le sale la pierna que alza?, porque hago cálculos y ,o bien carece de cadera y la pierna le nace directamente del torso,  o no me cuadra nada..., en fin un cutre-misterio por desvelar

Crank Up 22 Creepy Bad Album Covers!

Don't pose like that. Pose any other way but that way. And that's all I have to say.

More of the Funny Bad Record Sleeve Art. A great new compilation of the worst album covers ever.

Bob Dylan nearly crossed over to the Christian music industry in the late seventies. He had just announced his conversion to Christianity in '79 and proceeded to release a total of three albums based on his newfound faith. He spent several years touring and preaching from stage, but was never fully

42 Tragically Awkward Band Photos That Take Poor Taste To New, Impressive Levels (Slide - Offbeat

Las mejores portadas de discos: Closer to the savior de Denise.

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