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Quando este periquito voltou para seu ninho em uma árvore do Parque Nacional de Keoladeo, na Índia, encontrou este largarto e decidiu recuperar sua casa. Foram só alguns segundos para que o fotógrafo Ganesh H. Shankar registrasse este momento incrível!

As 10 melhores fotos da vida selvagem de 2016


The Racket-tailed Treepie (Crypsirina temia) is an Asian treepie, a member of the Corvidae (crow) family. his bird occurs in southern Burma (Myanmar),.

Siberian Rubythroat( Luscinia calliope)

Siberian Rubythroat( Luscinia calliope) - The Siberian rubythroat is a small passerine bird that was formerly classed as a member of the thrush family Turdidae, but is now more generally considered to be an Old World flycatcher, Muscicapidae.

Exhausted little fella

Baby hummingbird resting on a zinnia by "Walk in the Woods Photography." the zinnia was my grandmother's favorite flower-I had a humming bird on them last week!

Oh.....i die.....

Pileated Woodpecker with young.who was lucky enough to get this picture! Most Pileated Woodpeckers are heard and never seen.

~~ What a Beautifully colored bird! I dont know what kind she is but the pink & purple shades are just Beautiful. She looks like she's crunching on a nice little snack too  ~~

The pink-browed rosefinch is a species of finch in the Fringillidae family. It ranges across the northern regions of the Indian subcontinent, mainly in the Himalayas.

Chestnut cheeked starling

Chestnut-cheeked Starling (Agropsar philippensis) - photo by Stuart Price, via orientalbirdimages

Diamond Firetail Finch

Diamond Firetail Finch - Australia - Charming little bird with a fire tail.


Thought of the little bird that wakes Cinderella up when I saw this ^_^ This is a Clark's Nutcracker that's been purplized by Photoshop. The bird is normally gray in color. Named after William Clark, of the Lewis and Clark explorers.