small baby elephant ankle tattoo tiny--i would like this with his trunk up.

30 Adorable Tiny Elephant Tattoo

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30 Tiny, Chic Wrist Tattoos That Are Better Than a Bracelet

30 Tiny, Chic Wrist Tattoos That Are Better Than a Bracelet

Love these! Such good placement ideas!

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Adorable sea turtle tattoo by Tattoo OK                                                                                                                                                                                 More

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Ankle Tattoos Ideas for Women: Paw Prints Ankle #Tattoo

51 Cute Ankle Tattoos for Women - Ankle Tattoo Ideas

We love tattoos! And if you’re completely obsessed with small tattoos and absolutely stunning flower tattoos, than these cute, tiny floral tattoos will 100% wow…

These strangely delicate tiny floral tattoos have the cleanest lines we’ve ever seen