E disse Deus: Produza a terra alma vivente conforme a sua espécie; gado, e répteis e feras da terra conforme a sua espécie; e assim foi. 25  E fez Deus as feras da terra conforme a sua espécie, e o gado conforme a sua espécie, e todo o réptil da terra conforme a sua espécie; e viu Deus que era bom.

nordlande: beautiful-wildlife: Sweet Dreams by Jamen Percy Brown Bear, Finland, Kuhmo Boreal Forest Such an amazing photograph.

Banho de Neve

beautiful-wildlife: “ Bathing in Snow Flakes by © Hiroki Inoue ” Beautiful !

Brown Bear taken in Neuschonau within the Bavarian Forest National Park (bears were semi habituated - this means that they were wild but fed by humans - they were not tame and still acted irrationally - enclosures were very very large natural habitats).

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Imagens da semana 315

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Funny pictures about Charging Bear. Oh, and cool pics about Charging Bear. Also, Charging Bear.

Monkey from Borneo

Alpha Male Proboscis Monkey in Territorial Stance, Sabah, Borneo

The proboscis monkey or long-nosed monkey, known as the bekantan in Malay, is a reddish-brown arboreal Old World monkey that is endemic to the south-east Asian island of Borneo.

brawn bear - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Protégeons-les-ours/315306851859572

Brown bears are so powerful and beautiful. ~ brawn bear by Mara Sironi*