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Surfing in the curve of a wave.one of the things on my bucket list.

Jamie O’Brien shot from behind the peak at Teahupoo. Photo: Brent Bielmann

Big wave surfing is a discipline within surfing where experienced surfers paddle into or are towed onto waves which are at least 20 feet m) high, on browse boards referred to as "guns" or towboards. Sizes of the board had to effectively surf these.

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Kassia Meador surfing. Your Body is a Wonderland http://www.pinterest.com/wineinajug/your-body-is-a-wonderland/

Overcoming Fear Of The Ocean

The Surf Lodge | Goings On

Curtains closed, window open - Carlos “Coco” Nogales in Mexico Photo: Camila Neves

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I will be a surfer and someday live on a beach front home so I can go out in the ocean everyday!