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The New York Times / Eva Green shot by Paolo Roversi l People Photography

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Open) I look up as footsteps approach. "It must be important if you want me to help you," I say lazily, sitting up a bit straighter.

I'm in love with the outfits from Penny Dreadful

In Penny Dreadful, Eva Green's Vanessa Ives has some fantastic costumes in dark, rich colors and fabrics, with subtle changes between day and evening shades.

Up for grabs for a royal member) I couldn't sleep, so I wander around the halls. Maybe a late-night book will help. As I near the library, the hall becomes illuminated. Someone else is awake? Quietly knocking, I silently hope that it isn't-aaaaannnd now I'm facing (insert Royal here) in nothing but my night gown. This is awkward. "I'm so sorry!"

Eva Green as Vesper Lynd (Casino Royale) wearing the algerian loveknot necklace