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Resultado de imagem para fios de oyá topé

Resultado de imagem para fios de oyá topé

umbandasaber: “#umbanda #umbandasaber #Iansã ⚡Oh minha mãe me ajude com as dúvidas que está na minha cabeça e com seus eventos me tragam a certeza.Certeza que tudo vai dar certo, Certeza que você esteja comigo,Certeza que o mal não vai atingir,...

# Iansã ⚡Oh my mother help me with the doubts that are in my head and with your events bring me the certainty. Certainty that everything will work, Sure .

Afrocuban Oya

One ritually dies into Orisha." - About the meaning behind the body movements of popular Cuban Orisha dances, from Elegba to Oya.


Oxossi by Orádia N.C Porciúncula/ Licença Creative Commons Atribuição - Uso…


Time - Eternal Time, chronological or physical Time, spiritual Time. Time that is born from each Orixá. Today it is perceived through its effects, such as the signs of aging of the chronological Time.



Today, we feature one of the most important anthologies ever published. Not only is it entertaining as hell, it breaks new ground in that it features AFRIKAN women in the role of heroes in African-…