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Abeer Seikaly, uma arquiteta e designer que atualmente mora na Jordânia, criou a Weaving a Home (Tecendo um Lar), uma tenda que procura reexaminar o conceito arquitetônico tradicional ao criar uma estrutura capaz de prover mais conforto, como energia, água e calor, ao mesmo tempo em que é prática, leve e fácil de transportar.

A sustainable tent that collects rainwater, folds up for easy transport and stores solar energy? Sounds visionary, right? But this is the invention of Jordanian-Canadian architect, designer and artist Abeer Seikaly.

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The effect of properly managed livestock on a Brittle Environment in South Africa.

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Could these be the most beautiful and practical refugee shelters ever? These collapsible woven refugee shelters powered by the sun allows refugees to rebuild their lives with dignity.

New Indoor Solar Panels & Tesla’s Wireless Electricity Transmission Possible

New research unveils graphene 'moth eyes' to power future smart technologies; research inspired by a study of the functionality of moth's eyes.

Collapsible woven refugee shelters powered by the sun

Collapsible woven refugee shelters powered by the sun: Comprised of a structural woven fabric that “blurs the distinction between structure and fabric,” the shelter expands to create a private en.

Eschewing traditional rotors for a sleek orb structure, this beautiful rethinking of conventional wind turbine design utilizes the Venturi principle, which funnels wind within the turbine’s blades. The resulting spherical wind turbine features increased efficiency and lower noise levels – making it ideal for small scale energy needs such as personal home use. Best of all it’s called the Energy Ball: the fun name is an added bonus.

Groundbreaking Energy Ball Wind Turbine for Home Power

V3Solar's Spinning Cone-Shaped Solar Cells Generate 20 Times More Electricity Than Flat Photovoltaics

V3Solar's spinning solar cells generate 20 times more electricity than flat photovoltaics

is working on a spinning photovoltaic cone that they hope can generate up to the power of a flat panel.

Les abris tissés pliables sont bien aérés et éclairés, ils s’ouvrent pendant l’été et se referment pendant les hivers froids.

Des abris tissés pliables alimentés par le soleil

‘weaving a home’ by kuwaiti designer abeer seikaly proposes a disaster shelter for refugees that is based on temporary huts of nomadic tribe.