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Dicentra spectabilis = Venus's car, bleeding heart, Dutchman's trousers, lyre flower, Coração Sangrento, Coração de Maria.

Sementes De Coraco Sangrento Dicentra Spectabilis no Mercado Livre Brasil


I love every beautiful things. Flowers and garden is one of most elegant beauty of the world.

Bleeding Hearts                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Bleeding hearts-delicate beauty dipping into the ink black stream- one of my favorite flowers

Aquilegia vulgaris (Common Names: European columbine, Common columbine, Granny's nightcap, Granny's bonnet) is a species of columbine native to Europe.

Aquilegia {Columbine} are familiar garden flower, but did you know they were once used in herbal medicine. A look at their medicinal history via historical notes.

La belleza de la Flor de Loto - http://www.jardineriaon.com/la-belleza-de-la-flor-de-loto.html

Historia, cultivo y cuidados de la Flor de Loto

Eddible: Lotus, Nelumbo nucifera, also called Pink Lotus, Chinese Lotus, and Lin ngau. the blossoms are edible. The petals are used as garnishes or are floated in soups.

Aubrieta deltoidea - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Gloriosa rothschildiana superba, 20 seeds

Red and yellow flame-like flowers of the flame lily. Gloriosa superba (flame lily) Flame lily is a climber with spectacular red and yellow flowers, but all parts of the plant (especially the tubers) are extremely poisonous and can be fatal if eaten.

Imagens de flores Ervilhas-de-cheiro

Imagens de flores Ervilhas-de-cheiro