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Artistic-realistic nature

~~REFLECTED AURORA ~ a touch of the northern lights reflecting on Christina Lake, British Columbia, Canada by Steve Hancock~~

The Northern Lights in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.

Alan Dyer Premium Thick-Wrap Canvas Wall Art Print entitled The Northern Lights in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada, None

Aurora Borealis, Evenes, Norway                                                                                                                                                      More

Aurora Borealis, Evenes, Norway This week we learned about magnetic field lines and we learned that the northern lights are caused by these lines. I found this ver interesting.

Aurore boréale

Aurora Borealis - Alaska - Marketa S. Murray How amazing if we could see this and meet all those we have lost Gail x

3:55 AM - stock photo

Trekking in the remote Yukon Territory, the northern light danced above this no named mountain This image was a focus stack of three exposures. One for the foreground, one for the mountain, and the last one was for the Aurora with - 20 Seconds.

Northern Lights

Portage Persistence by Carl Johnson, Portage Valley, Chugach National Forest, Alaska, March 2013